Timothy and David

Thank you to Jennifer and the staff at Triple Play of Coeur d'Alene (www.3play.com) for making Harley and Russell's day so special!

WCID: 16402
Status: Available
Age: 9 (Timothy) and 8 (David)
Gender: Male
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White



These sweet sibling brothers will capture your heart within the first few minutes of meeting them! Timothy, who prefers his middle name of Harley, is a kind and gentle animal lover. He loves cats and dogs and one day hopes to have his own Ferret. Harley has a wonderful sense of humor. He loves having long conversations and singing in the car. He also loves dancing to hip-hop music. Harley's "best day" would definitely include swimming and playing at the beach! Harley is an eclectic and open-minded boy. While he enjoys many traditional "boy" activities like Legos, Pokemon and playing Mario Kart; Harley most often prefers girls clothing and toys to boy's things. Harley needs an adoptive family who will not only accept him for who he is, but will celebrate his diversity and be his strongest protector and advocate as he grows and seeks to better understand his own unique gender identity.

Harley's younger brother David, who goes by his middle name of Russell, has some likes in common with his brother, including Pokemon and a love of the beach, however he is definitely his own person! Russell is a fantastic critical thinker, which translates well into many of the things he loves to do including gaming; building with Legos; drawing and Nerf gun wars! Russell does well in school and reports that recess is his favorite subject because he loves playing on the playground equipment. Russell also enjoys sports and recently competed on a wrestling team. Russell can be introverted at times, when he is feeling insecure, and often has a strong need to be in control of his surroundings. Parents skilled at helping children to identify their feelings would be a great match for him!

Harley and Russell's permanency team is seeking a two parent adoptive family where the boys would ideally be the youngest children in the household. The right parents for Harley and Russell would be fun-loving; patient; nurturing; accepting; reliable and structured- with a good understanding of how childhood trauma can significantly impact a child's physical, social and emotional growth and development. Though they are unable to be placed with them, Harley and Russell have younger siblings that they love very much. In an effort to support and nourish those important connections for the boys, their permanency team is primarily searching for an adoptive family in the North Idaho area, but is willing to consider inquiries from states surrounding Idaho as well. Harley and Russell are currently a legal-risk placement, as completion of termination of parental rights has not yet fully occurred.

Harley and Russell would make such an amazing contribution to any family lucky enough to have them! If you believe that you possess the qualities that these loving and deserving boys are looking for in their Forever Home, please inquire today for more information!

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