WCID: 24025
Status: Available
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White


The long list of activities that he loves to participate in includes board games, reading, puzzles, superheroes, playing with cars, cooking and eating - however, Spencer will tell you that swimming is his all-time favorite thing to do! Hands on activities, like the time this sweet boy made jewelry for his sisters, are not only fun for Spencer but help to meet his sensory needs and keep him well regulated.

Spencer has probably never been accused of being shy and will join in play with groups of other children with ease. Sometimes though, he can be pretty black and white in his thinking, which makes it hard for him to read social cues from his peers correctly. In these situations, he is often his own harshest critic and struggles with his self- esteem and feeling rejected. Parents who can seek out ways for him to feel good about himself while helping him continue to learn to better understand the people around him and their intentions, both good and bad, will be giving him a skillset of safety and confidence that will propel him to succeed in all aspects of his life.

A little younger in some ways than his chronological age, Spencer needs patient and caring caregivers who have an understanding of how childhood trauma and neglect can impact a child's growth and development. Stable caregivers who can provide routine and structure, with clear expectations and consequences that he has helped to develop, would be a great match for Spencer's personality. Spencer has had many moves and has been let down repeatedly in his young life. He is in need of adoptive parents who understand that it will take time for him to begin to develop trusting relationships within his new family and can allow those relationships to move along at his pace.

Spencer will thrive in an active adoptive family who has the time and energy to prioritize his needs, which will include continued therapeutic and educational support. Though Spencer would likely do well in either a one or two parent home, parenting "from the couch" is not a good fit for him. An ideal adoptive family for Spencer would be one where he could be the only, or the youngest, child in the home in order to get the attention he needs and deserves.

Spencer is part of a sibling group and has sisters he loves very much. Though the plan is not for them to find permanency together, Spencer's team is looking for a family who would value continuing to nurture those important relationships for Spencer whenever it is healthy and appropriate. Life with Spencer will never be dull and every day that a child spends in foster care is one day too long! If you believe you are ready for both the challenges and the rewards that parenting this special boy has to offer, please inquire about Spencer today!



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