Thank you so much to Stacy and her crew at Outer Limits Fun Zone in Pocatello for providing Mario and his firends with an amazing day of food and fun!

WCID: 78515
Status: Available
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Race/Culture: Hispanic/Latino


Mario is a respectful, kind boy with a positive outlook on life. Though he generally has an easygoing and laid back personality, he admits that he is super competitive when it comes to playing board games and outdoor games and loves to win! Mario’s foster parents admire his competitive side and are quick to point out that even though he loves to win, he is never upset and is always a good sport when he doesn’t.

Mario enjoys school, especially PE and his choir class. When he’s not in school, he loves playing football, playing his X-Box, swimming and riding his BMX bike. Someday Mario hopes that his new Dad might teach him how to ride a dirt bike. Hip-hop music and “family nights” spent watching action movies are among some of his other favorite things.

Mario is great with animals and enjoys having pets, especially cats and dogs, in his home. He has ridden horses in the past and says that he would be just as content living on a farm or in a rural setting as he would be living in town. Mario would love to be part of a two parent family who has other children around his same age and hopes that his adoptive family attends church together regularly.

Mario’s Permanency Team is hoping to find just the right adoptive home for him in or near the Eastern Idaho area, as he has siblings and other connections that are important for him to be able to maintain. Mario is so much fun to spend time with, he truly deserves a great family who will commit to loving and supporting him as he moves through adolescence and into becoming a successful young adult. Though his team is actively searching for an adoptive family for him, Mario is a legal risk placement at this time, as completion of termination of parental rights has not yet fully occurred. If you want to find out more about this amazing young man and whether he may be a great fit for your family, please contact us today!

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