Kyliee and Bryson

WCID: 60957
Status: Available
Age: 13 (Kyliee) & 3 (Bryson)
Gender: Female
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White


Kyliee has such a fun and outgoing personality - you’ll feel like you’ve known her forever as soon as you meet her! She loves to take walks and long hikes and enjoys riding ATV’s. Some of Kyliee’s other favorite things to do include spending time fishing, doing arts and crafts, hanging out with her friends, playing Texas Hold Em’ with her foster family, and eating tacos. Kyliee is quite the Seattle Seahawks fan! She loves sports in general and plays on the volleyball and track teams at her school. Kyliee says that she really likes going to track meets because it lets her meet a lot of new people that she might not get to know otherwise. This multi-talented girl is also in the select choir at school and boasts that she can “kind of play the piano!” Kyliee loves photography, history and geography and one day might want to become a teacher. Her dreams of a Forever Family includes parents who will simply “treat me like their daughter and just be a normal family.” An adoptive family who can support Kyliee’s ongoing important relationships with some of her biological family members will be an amazing fit for her!

Kyliee’s younger brother Bryson is an absolutely adorable pre-schooler who is funny, creative, energetic and loving. Watching Kyliee’s patience and nurturing way with Bryson, and the way he looks up to and loves his big sister, is heartwarming! It is easy to see how important these sweet siblings are to each other.

Kyliee and Bryson’s Permanency Team is searching for a family, ideally one who resides in the Eastern Idaho area, who will not only keep these bonded siblings together but who can love and nurture each of them as unique individuals. If you believe that your family may be a great fit for these amazing siblings, please inquire to find out more about Kyliee and Bryson today!

Check out Kyliee and Bryson's TV interview!




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