Jordan, Nicole, & Alexis

WCID: 48434
Status: Available
Age: 15 (Jordan) 14 (Nicole) 9 (Alexis)
Gender: Female
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White


Jordan, Nicole "Nikki", and Alexis "Lexi" are beautiful siblings that are as different from each other as anyone can imagine!

Jordan is a sweet, friendly, engaging teen. She says she is on the border between extrovert and introvert – sometimes enjoying the company of others, and sometimes enjoying quieter activities and reflection. She describes herself as "mellow and chill". Some of her favorite things to do are sports such as basketball, volleyball, and softball. She also likes video games, and like most teens, sleep! Her favorite foods are tacos and other Mexican food, and of course cereal! Messiness and chaos bother her so she likes to keep her room tidy and appreciates this in her overall living environment. Jordan likes school work but doesn't like the process of getting up and getting ready to go out so early. Her favorite subjects include history – particularly the Cold War era and French Revolution. She also likes English and writing. She does not have an IEP. Her dreams for her future include possibly going into law-enforcement, social work, or therapeutic massage school…..anything that helps adults or kids. She wants to use what she's been through to help others. Jordan feels she would do best with parents who understand the issues that teens face today and can be supportive around those issues; someone who is flexible and laid-back like herself. She needs someone that will support the appropriate connections she has established in Idaho. Jordan is looking forward to her life becoming more stable. Her advice to others is: "Prepare for the worst but recognize that good will come out of it…and focus on yourself; you have to help yourself before you can help others." Great advice from someone who has had to do just that.

Nikki is a typical teenager that loves to sleep in yet is very adventurous. Once she is up and going, she does not like to sit around! She likes to be out and about and if adventure isn't readily available to her she will find it. She states that her best quality is her desire to get along with people even though she admits that she struggles with that sometimes. Besides adventure, Nikki's other favorite activities include watching make-up and hair tutorials and practicing. She would love to be a cosmetologist someday and/or a tattoo artist. She is very creative! Nikki likes school though the social aspect can be hard to deal with sometimes according to her. She also admits that it has been hard to think of and have goals and dreams for her future because of having to deal with life and be in survival mode for so long. She looks forward to having someone to support her qualities in positive ways so that she can think about those things. She does OK grade-wise in school and does not have an IEP. She wouldn't mind extra siblings of any age, but feels she gets along best with same-age peers or babies. She likes living in town where she has access to fun activities. Nikki has been through a lot for her young age, is smart and has a lot to offer once she receives the healing and stability she needs. Her advice to other kids who are struggling – "Don't fear your fears; favor them. They won't be there your whole life – you just have to get through it."

Lexi is an energetic, engaging young girl. She is comfortable around people of all ages particularly if they are kind and adventurous. She describes herself as funny and friendly, but sometimes tired and angry like most kids! She is also empathetic and good at talking to people when they are upset. She loves gymnastics and art! She is great at making cards and loves to color. She likes riding her bike, playing soccer, playing Minecraft and her favorite food is pineapple! Overall Lexi doesn't love school but does like Math and meeting new people. She does have a couple of past teachers that were her favorites and that she appreciates. She currently has an IEP. When she grows up she would like to be a police officer, a doctor, a lawyer, or "last but not least", a dentist, "…because I like to help people" she says. Lexi says that sometimes siblings are hard and she would feel most comfortable in a family that had the ability to establish boundaries for her when it comes to sibling relationships and teach her how to do this as well. Lexi has a lot of thoughts about how she wants her life to go and needs the freedom to express this. She also has helpful advice for others: "Don't be afraid of what you see. Be thankful for food, shelter, and a family. Be happy and thankful for what you have….and hopefully you won't have to share EVERYTHING…and in the end, you will be fine." Lexi is a fun girl that anyone would benefit from getting to know.

The Permanency Team is looking for a family with a lot of great qualities for these amazing girls -someone that understands the impact of childhood trauma on pre-teens, teens and emerging adults; someone that is flexible and supportive of their qualities as well as the ability to help them establish safe boundaries for themselves. The girls need parents that demonstrate the ability to take care of them and other children in the home and who will also set loving boundaries that will give them the feeling of safety so that they can continue to develop into the great young ladies that they are. The girls will need good role models on how to resolve conflicts appropriately; ones that can manage overall household relationships. Lastly, the girls need a family that can demonstrate a positive attitude around school and help them reach the goals they have for their futures.



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