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WCID: 48432
Status: Available
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White


Jordan is a sweet, friendly, engaging teen. She says she is on the border between extrovert and introvert – sometimes enjoying the company of others, and sometimes enjoying quieter activities and reflection. She describes herself as "mellow and chill". Some of her favorite things to do are sports such as basketball, volleyball, and softball. She also likes video games, and like most teens, sleep! Her favorite foods are tacos and other Mexican food, and of course cereal! Messiness and chaos bother her so she likes to keep her room tidy and appreciates this in her overall living environment.

Jordan likes school work but doesn't like the process of getting up and getting ready to go out so early. Her favorite subjects include history – particularly the Cold War era and French Revolution. She also likes English and writing. She does not have an IEP. Her dreams for her future include possibly going into law-enforcement, social work, or therapeutic massage school…..anything that helps adults or kids. She wants to use what she's been through to help others.

Jordan feels she would do best with parents who understand the issues that teens face today and can be supportive around those issues; someone who is flexible and laid-back like herself.Jordan's Permanency Team feels that the best fit for her would be someone that understands the impact of childhood trauma on teens and emerging adults; someone that is flexible and supportive of her qualities as well as the ability to help her establish safe boundaries for herself. Parents that demonstrate the ability to take care of her and other children in the home is very important. Parents will also need to set loving boundaries that give her the feeling of safety that she needs to continue to develop into the great teenager that she is. It will be very important for Jordan's new family to support and encourage contact with her sisters and other meaningful people in Jordan's life.

Jordan is looking forward to her life settling down. Her advice to others is: "Prepare for the worst but recognize that good will come out of it…and focus on yourself; you have to help yourself before you can help others." Great advice from someone who has had to do just that.

Check out Jordan's KXLY 4 News profile with Robin Nance!





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