Elijah, Manuel, & Isabella

WCID: 42878
Status: Available
Age: 10 (Elijah), 9 (Manuel), 5 (Isabella)
Gender: Male
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White



Elijah is a fun, energetic boy who loves Legos and of course video games! His favorite games are Minecraft and Fortnite. He has always wanted to try a video game tournament and feels he would do very well! He is very smart and an avid reader, enjoying the Percy Jackson series as a favorite. Most of all he loves to play Pokemon cards! Elijah is involved in football and basketball and states that he loves sports and prefers to be involved in some sport at all times. Like most kids his age, he is familiar with all of the popular movies and music enjoying Marvel movies, How to Train Your Dragon TV shows, and Imagine Dragons music. He wants people to know that “I’m the talkative type!” It is very important that Elijah stay with his siblings. He is protective of his sister and he says his brother makes him laugh! In the future, Elijah would like to visit Hawaii someday and he wants to be an EMT which seems like a good fit with his protective personality! It is also important to Elijah that he be able to have contact with some other family members that he cares about.

MANUEL “Manny”

Manny is the comedian of the group! He also loves video games but loves board games too, as well as playing outside. He really loves sports and is naturally gifted at every sport he tries! Currently he plays football and basketball but has been wanting to try baseball, soccer, and volleyball. It’s clear from the activities that he loves, that Manny craves social interaction. Manny is super helpful, kind, and determined. He is very tender-hearted. He loves playing with his siblings because they make him laugh! In the future, Manny would also love to visit Hawaii and see the volcanoes and when he grows up he wants to be President!


Izzy loves all things Minnie Mouse – movies, games, clothes, toys, everything! She is not currently involved in any activity outside of school, but states she would love to try ballet someday! She enjoys riding her scooter and eating her favorite food – watermelon! She is a typical little girl who is loving and a friend to all. Her brothers make her laugh! She wants others to know that…"I’m kind.”

The children’s permanency team is looking for a person or family who understands that the children have individual responses and triggers and need a family that is receptive to collaborating with community partnerships and resources and who will support the children to feel safe and secure as they process some their past issues. It will be important for a family to demonstrate positive conflict resolution and manage overall household relationships well. Most importantly, the team feels that the best fit for these amazing kids would be someone that understands the impact of childhood trauma on children; someone that is flexible and nurturing to help them during times of struggle, and supportive of all the children’s great qualities, while empowering them to flourish!

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