Wednesday's Child sends a huge Thank You to Lisa Turner for Codie's beautiful photography!

WCID: 49835
Status: Available
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race/Culture: Caucasian/White


Could a Guardianship Be Right For Your Family?

17 year old Codie is a beautiful girl with a spunky personality.She can be funny, sweet, sarcastic, or shy all within the same few minutes!

Codie calls herself “kinda tomboyish and outdoorsy." She has experience riding and caring for horses and would love to one day have a horse she could call her own. Some of Codie’s favorite things to do include hunting, fishing, hiking and long days spent at the beach. She loves coffee and art projects and her musical taste ranges from a love of country music to interest in rock music and rap.

Codie thinks a house in the country might be the perfect place to live. She is great with little kids and wouldn’t mind younger siblings, although she would do best as the only teenager in the home. A single mom, or two moms, would be a great fit for Codie. Codie describes the perfect family for her as being one without drinking, drug use or too much yelling. She also hopes that her new family would be able to see and treat her as the emerging adult she’s becoming and would be able to have open and honest conversations with her about rules, expectations and consequences.

Codie has had a life of uncertainties for some time now, and yearns to be a “normal” teenager, just doing things like learning to drive and talking to friends on her cell phone. A caregiver who would invest their time and energy into helping her be everything she is capable of being academically, could have a huge positive impact on Codie’s future. The next year, this short 12 months before she becomes an adult, will likely set the stage for many of Codie’s future successes or struggles. Having a strong support system in place could truly be life-changing for her!

Current legal circumstances prevent an adoption of Codie from occurring at this time, however, Codie’s Permanency Team is committed to searching for and finding the right person for her, someone who could commit to her by becoming her Legal Guardian for at least the next year. The ultimate goal for Codie would be that her Guardian would not only parent her for the next year but would also love and cherish her and choose to stay in her life for many years to come after she turns 18. If Codie seems like the kind of girl you would enjoy spending time with, and you are at a place in your life where you could make her a priority, you just may be who we are looking for!




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