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Available   Individual (Boy)   11 yrs   14577
  • Race/Culture: Caucasian/White
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11 year old Alex has a sweet yet mischievous smile that instantly draws people to him! Those who know him best describe him as creative; sensitive; humorous; and caring. He is truly an outdoor enthusiast who is most “in his element” when camping or fishing. In the past, Alex has enjoyed participating in Boy Scouts, which gave him many opportunities for successful accomplishments and helped him to gain a stronger sense of self. He is an avid reader, and can sometimes be a “homebody,” enjoying quiet down time building with legos, or engaging in other solitary types of activities that help him to regulate. Alex is unique in that he loves to learn facts- especially facts about science related topics such as the environment, bugs and animals. He is always excited to teach others about the facts he has learned while reading. Like most boys his age, Alex is into electronics and he is especially skilled in building amazing Minecraft creations!

Although he can be introverted at times, Alex is very intelligent and enjoys negotiations. A caregiver who has the ability to recognize and not engage in power struggles with him, while standing very firm on non-negotiable rules surrounding safety, would be a great match for his needs. Alex would benefit from an adoptive family who has a solid understanding of developmental trauma and chronological vs. developmental age. A great family fit for Alex would be one in which he was the only child or the youngest of the children in the home. Alex thrives in an environment of structure and consistency and reacts favorably to gentle, calm and nurturing parenting styles. If your style of parenting is generally flexible and promotes offering children choices, you may be just the family Alex’s team is searching for!

Setting the stage for his success and well-being in a new family will include finding Alex a Forever Family with a strong sense of commitment and a willingness to continue his engagement in community and educational supportive services. Where would he like to live, you ask?? Alex would be excited to live on a farm or in a rural setting so long as it is close enough in proximity to a larger community where he can continue to receive these types of necessary support.

Possibly the most important factor to Alex in choosing an adoptive family would be their willingness to support his ongoing relationship with his older sister and other important people in his life. If you share in Alex’s interests and feel that he just may be the addition to your family you have been searching for, please inquire about Alex today!