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Available   Individual (Girl)   14 yrs   1748
  • Race/Culture: Caucasian/White
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Shelby is an animal lover through and through, which was evident when she recently visited a rescue farm. Having grown up as a country girl surrounded by animals, this spunky girl was right at home riding a horse; playing with the bunnies, pigs and a baby calf; and bottle feeding a 3-day old tiny goat. Shelby dreams of a home on a farm or at least in the country but would be content to be in town as well, as long as her new family is adventurous and values providing her with opportunities to be involved in activities and to try new things.

Shelby describes herself as “a handful” but in a good way! She wants to ride 4 wheelers and dirt bikes and would love to learn to barrel race in a rodeo. Like most teenagers, music is important to her and she loves to listen to anything from country, to hip-hop, to heavy metal music. Shelby enjoys camping, swimming, tanning and board games and is looking forward to making new holiday traditions together with her new family. Her favorite subjects in school are Science and Biology and she can’t wait to get to the section where they get to dissect something! She one day hopes to go to college and become a veterinarian so that she can be surrounded every day by the animals she loves so much.

Shelby has a sweet and outgoing personality but wants prospective adoptive families to know that sometimes she can get lost in her thoughts of all she has lost in her young life. During those times, she can be quiet, reflective and sad as well. She has worked diligently over the past year to learn new, healthier ways of processing through her anger and hurts and is so looking forward to a new beginning with an adoptive family.

Shelby’s team is searching for a single mom or two parent adoptive family with an understanding of how trauma informed care is so important to children who have gone through significant grief and loss. Parents who are active, fun and forgiving, but can also set clear boundaries and expectations for her would be an amazing fit! Shelby has important family connections in the Eastern Idaho area that she hopes can continue to be nurtured. Her team would ideally love to find an adoptive family in that area but is open to inquiries from other prospective families as well.

Shelby is a beautiful girl inside and out and has so much to offer the right family. If you feel that you can offer this resilient girl the love, acceptance, and forever commitment that she deserves, please inquire today for more information about Shelby!

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