Trauma Training Schedule

Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma: 

A Workshop for Resource Parents

Many children and youth in foster care have lived through traumatic events. These youth bring their traumatic experiences with them when they come into your home. Traumatic stress reactions can cause youth to behave in ways that may baffle you. All of your usual approaches to parenting may not work!  A youth's response to trauma -  and our responses - can be so severe as to disrupt their placement in your home.

If you are a resource family with children in the home and want to learn how to provide better support and cope with behaviors and attitudes as a result of trauma these workshops are for you.

In this practical and experiential class you will learn to:

•        Understand How Trauma Affects Children

•        Process Challenges in Your Home

•        Prepare to Help Your Child Cope with the Effects of Trauma

•        Develop a plan to resolve these challenges

•        Improve Communication

•        Apply strategies immediately and bring results back to the group.

•        Access New Skills and Techniques to Influence Behavior and Attitudes

•        Gain support and feedback from your fellow peers 

•        Reduce the Stress of Parenting a Traumatized Child

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