West Hub | Training and Support Meeting | April 12, 2019

Date: 12-Apr-2019      Time: 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Location (click for directions): Boise | Foothills Christian Church

Recruitment Coordinator: Monique Layton

Topic: Fostering Teens/Teens and Technology  Presented by:  Kevin Harper

Presentation Details:
Children and teens often come into care with smartphones and/or having access to the internet. There are risks associated with technology, such as inappropriate websites, online predators, porn, and cyber bullying.
Join us to learn methods to manage this technology and how to parent your kids and foster kids in developmentally appropriate ways in our highly-connected culture. Bring snacks to share!

Child Care Details: Childcare is provided

CEU hour(s) provided: 1.5

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9 or older

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