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The Idaho Child Welfare Research and Training Center administers the Idaho Wednesday's Child program for the Department of Health and Welfare.  The Idaho Wednesday's Child Program is a child-specific adoption recruitment program for special needs children.

Many of the children in the Idaho Wednesday’s Child Program are from environments marked by abuse, neglect, abandonment, or substance abuse and are now in the foster care system. While these children have already faced difficult challenges in their young lives, they are ready for a permanent family who will give them a chance to learn, play, and grow in a nurturing environment.

The Idaho Wednesday’s Child Program is ideal for those willing to provide a safe, loving environment for children who have suffered from abuse or neglect. Nearly any person or couple over the age of 25 that has a strong desire to provide a forever home to a child can apply to become an adoptive parent.

Licensed foster parent(s) or households with a completed home study will be given preference in the program but don't let this discourage you from starting at the beginning. Many children need forever homes.

The home study process is the procedure an individual or couple completes through a certified adoption professional or agency that shows proof that you are able to provide a safe environment for a child or children. The home study process also prepares you for the life transitions that occur when you adopt and helps match you with children who would best benefit from your strengths as an individual or family.

If you are interested in more information about adoption through the Idaho Wednesday’s Child Program please submit an inquiry or learn more about Adoption or Fostering to Adopt

Note: If you do not live in Idaho, be aware that adoption regulations vary among states. While you can adopt from a different state than the one in which you live, you will complete a home study within your state or home study professional. Check with your family and child state agency to find out how to get an adoption home study in your state. If you are searching on the Internet, type the following in your search engine: "adoption home study" and the name of your state.

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