Pre-Service Foster and Adoptive Parent Training (PRIDE)

PRIDE, the acronym for Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education, is the pre-service curriculum for potential foster/kinship/pre-adopt parents (referred to as resource families).

The PRIDE curriculum was developed by the Child Welfare League of America. The model is designed to strengthen the quality of resource family services. It provides a standardized, consistent, structured framework for the competency-based development and support for resource families.

Prior to obtaining a license to become a foster/kinship/pre-adopt parent, applicants are required to participate in the 27 hours of pre-licensing training called PRIDE.  This training is broken down into nine sessions and is co-facilitated by a team that includes an experienced PRIDE trainer, Idaho Health and Welfare staff, and foster parent co-trainers. The purpose of PRIDE training is support and prepare families for the important task of caring for foster children who have been removed from their homes. These training sessions also include kinship families that provide temporary or permanent care for their relatives.  See what's included in each PRIDE Session.

If you have any questions regarding PRIDE and how to attend these classes, please contact your local Recruitment Coordinator. The State of Idaho is divided into both Hubs and Regions. In order to get in touch with your local Recruitment Coordinator, locate which area you live in and then choose that Hub from the dropdown and click Search. Then simply give them a quick call or email to connect.  They would love to hear from you and can get you connected to your personal Resource Peer Mentor if you desire.  Our Recruitment Coordinators would love to help you get started in your journey toward fostering.


Please refer to PRIDE invite for specific registration details.